Dscoop hosted a webinar with Joe Polanco and Paul Reilly “Creating the Perfect Sales Compensation Plan” on October 18. Sales are the life blood of any organization, and it’s no different for print providers who compete in the dynamic ever-changing world of communication. The 21st century sales rep must understand the broad range of solutions offered by today’s print/marketing provider and how those solutions help a client’s business.  Just as important is management creating a sales compensation plan which creates the right incentives for growth and balances it with the company’s profitability.

This presentation explored the various compensation methods used in the industry and discuss the strengths and weaknesses.  Commission, salary-based plans, value added, and hybrid plans were covered in this quick moving session along with key points in creating the “Perfect Plan.”

This session discussed:

  • Which Plans are commonly used in the industry – and are successful
  • Changing compensation strategies reflecting changing product mix
  • Balancing incentives with profitability
  • Why matching individuals with right 

Download the presentation here or view the webinar archive here.