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Recent Reimagining M&A in These Unprecedented Times Webinars
In these educational sessions, New Direction Partners experts presented an update on current printing and packaging industry trends, and how the M&A market is shifting due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. A key result is an expectation that we will see more tuck-ins as we come out of this crisis, which has placed significant stress on many businesses in our industry. For many of these businesses, finding a buyer who is willing to do a tuck-in is much preferable to simply closing their doors. During this session, you will:

  • SEG Systems worked with Peter Schaefer of New Direction Partners to find a buyer that fit culturally with their business and could help spur further growth for the company. SEG Systems President Reid Johnson explains his experience in working with New Direction Partners and how they helped him find the perfect partner in TENEX Capital/Orbus. Watch Here.
  • Leading printing company Sandy Alexander recently announced that Snow Peak Capital has made a majority investment in the company. In this video discussion, CEO Mike Graff explains the value working with New Direction Partners delivered to both buyer and seller in bringing this transaction to completion, including the importance of their industry knowledge and M&A expertise. Watch Here.
  • NAPCO hosted a recent webinar “A Creative Approach to Selling Your Business: Capitalizing on the Latest M&A Trends”, presented by Peter Schaefer and Jim Russell.
    Are you thinking about selling your printing, packaging or display graphics company? As M&A experts in the printing, packaging and display graphics industries, Peter Schaefer and Jim Russell of New Direction Partners will be discussing the steps potential sellers need to be taking as they plan for a sale. With many years of experience in this area and having facilitated more than 300[CS1] industry mergers and acquisitions, New Direction Partners has its finger on the pulse of the latest trends, opportunities and barriers in what is arguably one of the most dynamic M&A environments we have seen in many years. In this session, you will learn:

    • The steps potential sellers should be taking to prepare their companies for sale;
    • The different types of buyers who are active in M&A in the printing, packaging and display graphics industries;
    • The types of deals we are seeing and how they are structured; and
    • How best to translate all of this to your decision-making process.Even if you don’t see a sale on your immediate horizon, this session will provide you with valuable information and insight about the best ways to position your company so you are better prepared if and when that time comes. View presentation here.